Vision Poetry

Vision Poetry 
J. Kipp 


Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Bass-Player, Jezabella Kipp's poetry from travelling to dreaming along the way.... 

 Jezabella Kipp is a Singer, Songwriter, Bass-Player & accomplish Poet. 
 J.Kipp "Vision Poetry" is a way to share her work through her YouTube Channel at: 

 Vision Poetry

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Vision Poetry

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Jezabella hopes to make this a way to interact with her audience by introducing new topics every week that challenges our lives. 

J. Kipp has 3 poetry books on Sale Worldwide.

Epiphysis Of Time, Vol. 1

Epiphysis Of Time, Vol. 2 "Poetry In French"

Epiphysis Of Time, Vol.3 "Reflections" New release! 

On Sale Worldwide Kindle & Paperback 5/22/2022.


 She also won The Rolling Stones Context Winner Choice Award for her Lyrics/Poetry "Sister White". 


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Epiphysis Of Time

by J. Kipp

Vol. 1

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Epiphysis Of Time

by J. Kipp

Vol. 2 "Poesy In French"